A Plymouth based marketing and creative agency has impressed senior executives at a global brand after playing a pivotal role in the successful international launch of a brand new mobility product that is setting new standards in its sector.

Real Fusion – based at Plymouth Science Park – drove the marketing and design elements behind the Action5 project due to be launched in June by Invacare, a recognised market leader worldwide in the manufacture of home and long term care medical products.

Action5is a brand new medium active manual chair which has been five years in development by Invacare’s technical team based in France and has two patents on its revolutionary folding mechanism.

The Action5sets a new benchmark for mobility products of its type and price range and, as such, was one of the most significant product launches for Invacare, whose UK operation is based in Bridgend, South Wales.

Invacare Marketing Executive Samantha Hatchett said a number of Invacare’s senior vice-presidents have been highly impressed with Real Fusion’s wide ranging solutions designed to support the Action5launch.

“We had worked with Real Fusion on a number of previous projects, but it is fair to say Action5was probably one of the most important global product launches we have undertaken as a company in recent years so their design and marketing teams were under added pressure to deliver,” said Samantha.

“From helping us to develop key messages and design concepts around the brand to promotional material that was both innovative and had real impact, Real Fusion delivered exceptional results for what has already been recognised as an exceptional product.”

Real Fusion utilised high quality photography in both the consumer and technical brochures used to support the Action5launch and this was backed up by other bold, eye-catching communications material, which included media advertisements, pull up banners and an A2 poster.

The agency’s PR team also supported the launch by writing a news release template focussing on the technical specification of the Action5– in particular the chair’s pioneering patented folding technology – which Invacare’s network of distributors could utilise for their own promotional media work.

Real Fusion’s Senior Designer Lee Penton – who co-ordinated the design elements of the brief – said the project was equally as significant for the agency.

“We were acutely aware of the global importance of the Action5project for Invacare and the need for marketing and design solutions that would give the product the credibility and kudos it deserves,” said Lee.

“Every member for the team rose to the challenge of what was a highly demanding project and we are delighted with the results. It is great to have the opportunity to showcase our talents to a more international audience.” 

by Ivan Bondoc | Friday 7th August 2015