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Brand workshops and strategic business advice enables organisations of all sizes to develop their businesses and grow their brands

Brand Workshops help you cut through the clutter. We'll quickly get to the heart of your brand.

Your brand isn’t just about your logo and colour ways. It’s about what your company stands for and what your customers think and feel about your product or service. If you can’t define it, neither will they. Our Brand Workshops help you cut through the clutter. We’ll quickly get to the heart of your brand and establish the most effective path for it to follow. The session is fun, interactive and takes just half a day.

What happens in a workshop?
We get our team together with the key people from yours, for somewhere between 2 and 5 hours. Workshops are fun and interactive; involving facilitated discussions, group exercises and individual exercises.

What outcomes can you expect?
This is slightly different for each client, however, most workshops work towards five clear outcomes: Key Brand Messages, Desired Perceptions, Brand Personality / Tone of Voice, Unique Selling Proposition and Brand Positioning

After the workshop we will provide you with an outcomes document that covers everything that has been discussed and discovered in the workshop. This document will provide you with a clear creative strategy to help move your
brand forwards.

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