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The key to good straplines is brevity and clarity - it must be immediately obvious to your customers what your companies brand and services are about.

Using a strap line to clarify your unique selling proposition (USP)

A USP is something that distinguishes you from all your competitors in your marketplace, this is a key part of your brand development. It is what makes you so unique that it motivates people to choose you over anyone else. Your USP is a way of stating your unique advantage over your competitors and at the same time reinforcing your brand values.

Your challenge is to identify and communicate your uniqueness and feel completely comfortable when you do. That means you have to clarify what you do or can start doing for your customers that delivers a result or an advantage that is superior or different from the competition.

This needs to form part of everything you do. You don't just say it, you need to live it, to demonstrate it and to show it. That means whatever you stand for, you do.

This is where we can help, our brand workshops help defined how your company works and how your brand should be viewed. Please call today for more information.

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