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Visual identity is not optional, every organisation has one. What is optional is whether it is neglected or undervalued, to the detriment of the organisation, or nurtured and developed to become an asset to the company.

Professional Logo Design and Visual identity services in Devon and Cornwall

A corporate identity or visual identify is a concept that groups everything together that makes your business unique. A professionally designed corporate identity results in a much more profitable marketing mix: a cohesive look into all of your communications is vital for building trust in your perspective’s minds and so, increase conversion ratios.

Corporate identities evolve through time, and new pieces of communication will be incorporated frequently, following certain guidelines of style. The guidelines are what we call "corporate identity" and should make your business unique, highlight your strong points and convey a clear and convincing message. Your Corporate identity should be reflected in your web design, newsletters, PR activity and all Sales and Marketing communications

We are extremely cost effective in our charging rates, we will design initial logo options and take these through to final sign off with no further charges. We aim for a lasting relationship and will work with you in all areas of your business to ensure our work is getting you success.

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