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A corporate video is an excellent snapshot in time and can be delivered in multiple formats and through multiple channels. Long gone are the days of expensive media production with limited use.

Professional corporate video production for online streaming or DVD distribution

In just a couple of minutes a well produced corporate video can present several definitive propositions:

  • here are our services and products
  • this is how they work
  • this is who you’ll be working with
  • this is what our current customers think of us

Through the style of shooting and ‘look and feel’ of the edit the corporate video implicitly reflects the professionalism, creativity and humour of your company and is also a key part of the visual identity

With modern day technology the initial video can be quickly repurposed to suit other audiences. For example a sales promotion video can quickly be utilised for staff induction, CRM, CSR or health and safety. It can be dubbed into any foreign language for use overseas, or sign language to fufil DDA compliance.

It can be modified into other formats for use on digital television, or at an exhibition. It can be updated in a day to show new products and services, new members of the team, streamed on your website, or to accommodate legal changes. With future changes in the pipeline (e.g. Google Video and YouTube) a company’s requirement for a corporate video is quickly evolving: from a nice to, to a need to.

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