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Are you happy with your website's visibility on Google? Do you have good rankings for keywords that represent the best opportunity for converting a visitor into a customer?

Keyword Analysis Services for Improved Search Engine Promotion

You have a well designed website that works well but do you know which keyword and keyword phrases your customers are using to search for your products or services? Keyword analysis and research is the first step in any successful search engine optimisation campaign. It is very easy to make the mistake of coming up with a list of keywords that you would search for, but are they really the ones your potential customers are using?

With our Keyword Analysis service we can take your suggested keywords, then run them through our analysis tools to tell you exactly how many people search for those words and give you details on all the related words customer search for. This give you the advantage ad you can incorporate all the keyword phrases into your site and build in to a link building plan using the phrases.

We offer any entry level report which contains the six most effective keywords/phrases and the most popular and suitable variations of those phrases. Our Keyword Analysis Report also includes a range of broad and specific keyword terms that most suit your business. The Keyword Analysis report also provides you with guidance on how to use the keywords so that you maximize your traffic potential and your website appears in the largest number of relevant search results.

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