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Web analytics are often overlooked but they provide a clear window on the performance of your site and how your website traffic interacts with it and more importantly where your website fails.

Web analytics review, management and performance reporting

Your website is getting traffic and looking good, but Web analytics allow you to map exactly how users are navigating your site and see how it is performing against your business objective. When used correctly web analytics show exactly how people are getting to your website, what they are clicking on and how long they are staying on the website. But setting up traffic goals you can see where, if any, there are bottlenecks on the website that hinder your visitors reaching your indented goals.

By monitoring stats in an regular basis we can advise on how you can take the necessary steps to close any gaps, fix bottlenecks and improve performance.

Key information that is measure in our Web analytic services:

  • What sites your traffic comes from
  • How long visitors stay
  • The keywords your site is found on
  • How your visitors explore the site and your most popular pages
  • Your most popular landing pages
  • The types of browser they use

SEO Web analytics review, management and performance Reporting Devon and Cornwall from Real Fusion.