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We know about domain names, how to buy them, how to secure them and how to protect them. This is all backed up with professional managed hosting

Domain Name Management and Professional Website Hosting

Imagine coming to work one day to discover your email won't collect and you've no online sales, then you discover that your domain name has been stolen. Sounds dramatic but it can happen and there are a number of people who make a good living out of exploiting businesses. Your domain name can often be worth more than your website itself, so you need to be sure that it's fully protected.

We provide a complete registration and management service for all domain names, we'll make sure it's correctly registered, the appropriate legalities are covered and renewal fees are paid on time, so you can rest easy knowing everything has been taken care of.

Not only can we look after your domain name requirements but we also provide professional managed hosting solutions. Our servers are UK based, we won’t put the most important asset to you business on some overloaded server in an overseas country that has little or no support. We provide professional hosting solutions.

For more information about domain registration or any website hosting then please get in touch today.

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