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You may have a great looking website, but can everyone use it? We make website's that are accessible to all users, regardless of physical ability or the way in which they use the Internet.

Accessible Websites - Open your website up to all users

There's currently 8.5 million people in the UK alone living with a disability and a report by the British Dyslexia Association estimates that £180 billion is lost by UK businesses annually because their sites aren't fully accessible. Not to mention the browsers alienated by content. Technical and industry jargon may be part of your everyday language but are typically meaningless to the layman and can render a site inaccessible.

We can build websites with variable style sheets that allow the user to adjust colours and change font sizes in order for them to get the best out of your website. All sites have built in access keys to allow visually impaired users to navigate websites with ease.

So having an accessible website is not only a legal requirement and morally right but it makes good business sense.

Accessible Websites from Real Fusion Devon and Cornwall