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We deliver cost effective email marketing with the ability to monitor and track usage. This Intelligent system allows you to instantly measure the success of your online campaigns.

Email marketing / online marketing solutions from Real Fusion

A fantastic way to keep in touch with your customer’s with new lines and services, events and seasonal promotions.

Used in conjunction with a database, it can become a highly effective tool within your marketing mix, offering measurable return on investment (ROI) at relatively low cost. We offer a reporting system that tells you who has opened your emails, what links they clicked on and much more - no other form of marketing gives you such detailed information about your customer’s interests and behavior.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Email Tracking
  • Real Time Mailing list (email address) Management
  • Fully Branded to your company
  • Intelligent spam learning system

We have several flexible options to suit your needs; whichever option you choose, you’ll have one of today’s best value marketing tools at your disposal linked into your website or online shop. Please get in touch to discuss an option to help market your business today.

Email marketing / online marketing solutions from Real Fusion